Well i cracked open one of my first paperback tech books for the first time in a LONG time. It seems i’ve been using soft copies of books and articles found online exclusively for some time now. It was giving me horrifying flashbacks of the days when I was studying for my MCSE, and every night I labored over books trying to get properly prepared for those exams.
I took on a new nemisis of mine, Powershell. I suppose the word nemisis is too harsh of a term. I tend to frown on anything NOT completely GUI based. Not that I fear typing, i just feel it’s bringing me one step closer to coding or development. THAT in and of itself strikes terror in my soul.  I have used it a bit in the past both in the classroom and on assignments for Exchange 2007 environments. Then I only really learned enough in that specific niche to make myself useful and proficient at the lowest of levels. Now mind you I have a very good grasp of the syntax structure and the whole Verb-noun style it uses, but some of the slicker features and custom arguments have esacped me. Knowing full well how Win 7 (PS 2.0), WS2k8 and Exchange 2007 all use Powershell in varying forms, I decided it was time to sweep up Powershell, embrace it and call it my own..
I am using a Manning published book titled "Windows Powershell in Action" by Bruce Payette
Now be mindful that I have just started reading it, but I like this author’s approach. Not preachy, very blunt and honest about what and how he’s covering a topic and even funny in parts. Comedy within tech books is key for me as it keeps me awake and interested. in the message the author is trying to convey. As I ramp up my knowledge of this new skillset I hope to bring more reviews or at least a final review of my feelings toward this book at a later date.
Keep your fingers crossed for me.