ever wish you could run two separate versions of an app at the same time? maybe an XP or legacy app in a newer OS? Now you can with an additional download from Microsoft!

Get the components for XPMode now!

What this actually does is runs a session of Virtual PC with an image of Windows XP running in it. Now the out of the box settings used is very nice. It will auto publish the applications you install within the XP VPC to the host’s start menu! Out of the box integration between the VPC and the host, down to the drives being accessible from within the VPC. I downloaded the 7 version of adobe reader, and I already ver 9 pro of full adobe on the host OS. I then went within the XP VPC and browsed my host OS drives for the adobe 7 reader install files. Upon finishing the install and closing the VPC, i noted the following item in my start menu 🙂

Now when I launch the application and go to file – open, I get this in the drive list 🙂 you will see the drives (C) which are local the XP VPC, then the other drives which are available from the host OS…USB drive visibility from the host to the VPC is now supported.

and you will also see it appear differently in the taskbar..