Aggregated list of links for how to configure non WM devices with activesync..



Replace the server names with yours in this walkthrough


Connect to the BlackBerry Internet Service website and log in to your BlackBerry account.
On the navigation bar, click Profile.
Under Email Accounts, click the hyperlink other email accounts.
Click Add Account.
Type the email address, user name, and password in the appropriate fields and click Submit.
Under Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, select the option for I can access my mailbox using a Web browser (Outlook Web Access).
Click Submit.
In the Outlook Web Access URL field, type the OWA account URL.
In the Mailbox Name field, type the Mailbox name for your OWA account.
Verify that your email address, user name, and password are correct.
Select the Leave messages on mail server check box.
Click Submit.

you see the message “Your email account has been successfully set up”
the integration is complete. The integrated account is listed with a
green check mark in the Status column (on the far right). New email
messages will begin appearing on the handheld from your integrated OWA account.

If you see the message “We were unable to configure this mailbox,” the integration failed for one of the following reasons:
You entered the wrong account information. Repeat the process.
There is a temporary connection problem between the BlackBerry Internet Service website and your Exchange server. Try integrating your account later.
Note: Mail is retrieved from your Exchange Server account and forwarded to your BlackBerry Wireless Handheld™ every 15 minutes.