One of my students this week "Buck" (his nickname used here to protect the identity of the innocent!) asked me for some more information about MAK’s (Multiple Activation Keys) for windows server 2008.
     Buck works full time as an admin in a very large team. His team is looking to roll out Windows Server 2008 R2 (good call 🙂 ) and says that once he activates windows with his product keys his systems will be behind the firewall in a very secured environment. What is a way I can activate these servers and limit the authorization traffic to microsoft? He had learned a bit about MKS (Key Management Server) as an available role, but decided that since these systems weren’t going to be public facing and internal use only, a KMS may be overkill and didn’t want to have to allow anything out from behind the firewall that wasn’t necessary. Buck made the right choice by selecting the MAK activations structure…
So Buck and anyone else, here is a great launching point for more info on Volume Activation as it pertains to Win 7 & Windows server 2008
Buck here are some more MAK specific links – ENJOY!