This is a great question I get asked alot from ex-students, current students taking Ex 2007 training or random people on the street. Ok, maybe that last part was a bit stretching it. I am not quite IT famous yet! Seriously though, a common question being asked in the community is what is the best way to move my existing Exchange environment to 2010 and NOT mess it up?! I honestly believe this is best tackled in a two or three pronged attack. “Measure twice, cut once” right?

  • IF possible (i know IT budgets and free time are tight) take formal training. This allows you to get your hands dirty in the environment in a lab environment AND have the added benefit of having a certified instructor there to bounce questions off of. CBT’s are nice and cheap, but a MOC (MS official Curriculum) course is best due to the interaction and feedback capabilities! MSLearning (Please follow @MSLearning on twitter) has some great courses coming out early in 2010! Most noteably is course numbers 10150A: Ex 2010 BETA Ignite and the upcoming FIVE day class 10135A: Ex 2010 Configuring, Managing and Troubleshooting. This departure from the rushed three day classes that we saw in 2007 should be a nice change. Mail me – if you need to find local training in your area! Looking for a way to get your hands on it for free for short periods of time? Use the TechNet virutal labs! OR MSDN Virtual Labs There are TONS of different areas to try out (small 30-90 sessions only) See SS below of TechNet Labs to see the range of topics covered.



  • Research, research, oh… and more research. KNOW what your doing before you do it. There is not a better resource out there than the TechNet forums and learning centers. You can access the Exchange Server library HERE. Another good general site that I think a lot of people just glance over is the Exchange server main page. I’ve highlighted some of the best parts of this page below.. The Resource, video and webcast sections rock! Click the image to go there!

                    Exchange Server Home Page!

This is a great starting point. Now since this post is Transition specific, let’s get some more targeted links shall we? Since you cannot do an actual “Transition” from Exchange 2000 to 2010, I’ve only included links here to paths from 2003 and 2007. The following direct links are great places for their Official roadmap from 2003 or 2007 to 2010. Click the images below for your path!

Exchange 2003 roadmap

Exchange 2007 roadmap

  • One more thing I cannot stress enough, Test, test and test again. If you have ANY way to virtualize your environment and test out your process, do so. There are a ton of virtualization products out there these days. I personally recommend Hyper-V. It’s now in version 2.0 with Server 2008 R2 that was release Oct. 22nd. If you’re looking for a way to convert your existing physical infrastructure to a virtual one for this testing, make sure you use Disk2VHD by master Russinovich himself! If you don’t have a system already set up with this and are looking to test it out for FREE, check out the Hyper-V Server 2008 R2. Click the image for site for more info

                                                                        Hyper-V Server!

Download Hyper-V server HERE!