Yesterday I got the following mail..

Hi Chad, I took your Exchange 2010 training class the week of May 10-14. My organization is looking to upgrade from Exchange 2007 to 2010. We are currently on Exchange 2007 SP1 and I know after taking your class that we must first upgrade to 2007 SP2 before we can upgrade to 2010. We have three Exchange 2007 SP1 servers in different locations that each have all of the exchange roles installed on them except for Edge Transport (we have two separate servers running the edge transport role). First I was wondering if when we upgrade the servers to 2007 SP2, do we have to upgrade all three at once or can they coexist with each other having different service packs? Secondly, should the Edge Transport servers be the last to be updated or do they have to be updated with the other Exchange servers running CAS, Hub, etc.? Any insight that you could offer on this would be greatly appreciated. It’s been quite difficult to find this answer in any documentation or tech forums. Thank you very much.

Thank You,

Kyle O’Malley


And my response.

I think these links should help on SP2..

Exchange 2007 servicing

How to install the latest SP or Update for exchange 2007

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP 2 help offline documentation

As for the ET servers those are completely separate from the organization and could even do 2010 right now if you wanted.