Bob from this week’s 6426 class posed the following question. I have some users who access multiple SQL databases, can ILM or FIM automate password changes across them?

I grabbed the information from the Understanding Forefront Identity Manager 2010 white paper which is accessible via the link. Here are a few choice excerpts

  • Heterogeneous identity synchronization & consistency. FIM 2010 delivers integration with a broad range of network operating systems, e-mail, database, directory, application, and flat-file access. FIM 2010 supports connectors for Active Directory, Novell, Sun, IBM, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange Server, Oracle databases, Microsoft SQL Server™ databases, SAP and others. This provides organizations with the power to connect and synchronize the plethora of disparate sources of identity information in their company—in most cases without the need to install software of any kind on the target systems. Since in some cases it might be necessary to connect to custom or legacy applications unique to a specific organization, FIM 2010 extensible agent capabilities enables companies to integrate and manage identities for these applications through developing custom agents in the Microsoft Visual Studio® development environments.


  • Simplified sign-on by synchronizing passwords across systems. Importantly, FIM 2010 provides a simplified sign-on experience through its identity synchronization capabilities, delivering the ability to synchronize passwords across heterogeneous systems.