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Vista network performance giving you gray hairs or making you drink excessively?

One my studnets John tipped me off to something that could really help. He reported a significant improvement after adjusting these settings. NOTE – this is a reg hack. I always recommend exporting your current keys for restore purposes, just in case. EVEN if the steps are provided from Microsoft…

This will work with WS2008 and Windows 7 as they share the same keys and dual layer IP stack 🙂

MS Support doc on Vista network throttling

Another article on bandwidth throttling in Vista


Vista / Win 7 can use a free cool tool that can schedule a file to be moved during the boot process 🙂

Move File

SP2 has entered the building

SP2 for vista and WS2008 is here!

Dropped in a URL near you.. feel free to grab it from here..

SC.exe Command details & options

So when I am booted into Windows RE – how can i change service settings outside of using the "NET" commands like Net start <servicename>?
This is where the SC.EXE command starts to show it’s power. You could likely do a bit more using Windows Powershell but it’s not installed by default on XP or vista and can’t be used from the Win RE environment. Here are some helpful links to SC command info!
General Command info
New Switches in vista!